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Concrete Highway Barriers

Whether temporary or permanent, concrete highway barriers reduce the risk of head-on collisions from out-of-control vehicles crossing over the median. The weight of barriers and the interlocking j-hooks design provide sufficient inertia to redirect an impacting vehicle without requiring attachment to the highway.

1st Resource Solutions offers concrete highway barriers for safety applications. Our traffic barriers provide the fastest setting time with an easy and most secure connection system. For personalized service, or to request a price quote, contact our team of sales experts.

Benefits of J Hooks Highway Barriers

Complete line-up of Free-standing, Bolted & Pinned

Fastest Setting Times
"Save time with J Hooks and meet your deadlines with ease."

  • Fast connection: Self-aligning - automatically "hooks" into place, no jostling
  • No confusion: Identical ends, turn the barrier end-for-end
  • Simple installation: Vertical lift simplifies installation and removal
  • Fast reconfiguration: Remove one barrier without disturbing adjacent barriers
  • Easiest System Available
    "Eliminate the hassle of complex connection systems."

  • No loose connection hardware: No loose parts to track or lose
  • Smaller installation crews: Only a loader operator and one ground man
  • Reduce traffic congestion: Tight radius capability
  • Most Economical Barrier System
    "Meet your bottom line by saving money with J Hooks."

  • Reduce installation costs: Faster installation & smaller crews
  • Eliminate connection replacement costs: No rusted nuts & lost or stolen bolts
  • Reduce workman's comp: No hands between barrier segments
  • Only two bolts required: Per 12-foot bolt-down section
  • Only three pins required: Per 12-foot pin-down section
  • Most Secure Barrier Connection System
    "Rest easy knowing your site won't be prone to vandals or thieves."

  • No security breach: Strong continuous steel connection
  • Theft-proof connection: No loose hardware

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