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Inlet protection

Inlet protection is a three-dimensional tubular sediment control and storm water filtration device designed for storm drain and curb inlet protection. Sediment and soluble pollutants (such as phosphorus and petroleum hydrocarbons) are filtered from runoff water as it passes through the organic structure, and by allowing water to temporarily pond behind the Inlet protection, allowing deposition of suspended solids.

1st Resource Solutions provides a complete line of land improvement control for various applications. To learn more, discuss your needs, or request a quote about inlet protection, or to speak with our customer service, contact 1st Resource Solutions team today.

Product specifications

  • Emergency overflow prevents flooding
  • Easy to maintain, replace, and repair
  • Do not need to remove storm grate to install
  • Flocculants available
  • Available on pallets
  • Heavy duty Soxx™ available for high traffic areas
  • Reduced ecological footprint: recycled, biobased, locally manufactured, indigenous materials, carbon neutral.
  • For personalized service, or to request a special price quote, contact our team of sales experts, or call us now on 1-800-803-1030. We are happy to help you determine the suitability of a given inlet protection for your intended application.

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