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Riser Pipe Filter

Riser Pipe Filter is a three-dimensional tubular sediment and storm water filtration device used to treat retention/detention pond water prior to riser pipe structure entry and final discharge. Riser Pipe Filter traps sediment and soluble pollutants by filtering runoff water as it passes through the filter and by allowing water to temporarily pond behind the filter, allowing deposition of suspended solids. Riser Pipe Filter is installed around a riser pipe pond outlet structure, filtering storm water pond sediment and soluble pollutants prior to final discharge.

1st Resource Solutions provides a complete line of land improvement control for various applications. To learn more, or to request a special price quote for Riser Pipe Filter, please feel free to contact our team today.

Acceptable applications include:

  • Around drains or inlets located in a sump
  • On compacted or frozen soils where trenching is difficult or not possible
  • On pond liners were trenching and/or staking will compromise the pond liner
  • Storm water containment areas where sediment or suspended solids loads are above acceptable discharge limits
  • Storm water containment areas where nutrients, bacteria, metals, or hydrocarbon loads are above acceptable discharge limits
  • Areas where pretreatment of sediment and soluble pollutants is necessary to improve performance of downstream practices (i.e. treatment train design approach)
  • Areas where water quality is a concern; discharge is near receiving waters, fish bearing waters, high quality streams, recreational waters, sensitive aquatic ecosystems, or TMDL 303(d) designated waters
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