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Slope Protection and Erosion Control Blanket

Slope protection and Erosion Control Blanket is a slope stabilization, erosion control, and vegetation establishment practice used on slopes to stabilize bare, disturbed, or erodable soils on and around construction activities. Slope protection is used for temporary and permanent slope erosion control and vegetation establishment applications. Slope protection is surface applied to a depth of 1.5 to 2 in (35-50mm) or 200-270 cubic yards/ac (385-513 cubic m/ha), and is typically applied to slopes with pneumatic blower trucks or similar equipment. LockDown Netting can be used to increase the stabilization and erosion control capabilities of Slope protection. LockDown Netting is a single net erosion control blanket stapled to the slope prior to application of the Slope protection. Together, these products form an interlocking system of structure and natural organic material for maximum slope stabilization and vegetative sustainability

1st Resource Solutions provides a complete line of land improvement control for various applications. To inquire about land improvement control, or to request a special price quote for Slope protection and Erosion Control Blanket , contact our team today , or call us now on 1-800-803-1030.

Product specifications

  • 100% Soil Contact
  • Seed mixed throughout blanket profile
  • Increases Stormwater Infiltration
  • Reduces Runoff
  • Adds organic matter, buffers pH, provides slow release nutrients, and restores soil biology which aids in better growth
  • Reduced ecological footprint: recycled, biobased, locally manufactured, indigenous materials, carbon neutral.
  • Can be used on 1:1 slopes with LockDowntm Netting
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