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Work and Safety Gloves

1st Resource Solutions provides quality Work and Safety Gloves, String Knit Gloves, Cotton Jersey Gloves at a low price. Save big on the industry's top health and safety equipment that helps keep your work environment accident-free and worker-safe.

To learn more, or to request a special price quote for PPE work and safety gloves, please feel free to contact our team today, or call for free estimate now 800-803-1030.

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String Gloves

String Gloves Feature Dotted Palms And Fingers To Enhance Grip.
String gloves are made of comfortable, medium weight cotton or polyester. Ideal for light-duty applications and are ambidextrous or wearable on either left or right hand. String gloves are cool, breathable, and washable. PVC dots on palms and fingers provide improved grip. Various sizes, cuff styles, and colors are available for different applications.
*Note More available products upon request

Cotton Jersey Gloves

Cotton Jersey Gloves Are Soft And Comfortable, Making Them Ideal For General And Light Abrasion Applications.
Cotton jersey gloves are made of soft fabric for comfort. Reversible gloves are available. Available in either clute patterns or clute-straight thumb designs.
*Note More available products upon request

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