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High Speed Saws And Up To 35HP Walk Behind Saws
Very Fast Cutting Speed, Best Blade Life. With U-Slot
Item # Diameter Rim thickness Arbor Rim height
LAS1210H 12" .125" 1"-20mm 10mm
LAS1410H 14" .125" 1"-20mm 10mm
LAS1610H 16" .140" 1" 10mm
LAS1810H 18" .160" 1" 10mm
LAS2010H 20" .160" 1" 10mm
LAS2410H 24" .187" 1" 10mm

Applications:Asphalt, Green Concrete

Features:Laser-Welded, Segment Height 10mm, Undercut Protection, Gullets, Core Design, Dry/Wet Use

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