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A1035 Rebar

ASTM A1035 reinforcing bar, also branded as “MMFX” rebar, is one of the strongest grades on the market. Independent laboratory tests have shown that A1035 rebar resists corrosion up to five times better than conventional steel, making it an outstanding choice for applications involving humid or volatile environments. Additional research shows that A1035 reinforcing bar typically exceeds the 100-year lifespan requirements being adopted for bridge construction projects in many jurisdictions.

A1035 is one of the strongest, most versatile, and most durable rebar grades available, and it is an economical and safe choice for demanding applications. It is available in a complete range of standard sizes, from No. 3 through No. 11, No. 14, and No. 18. At 1st Resource Solutions, we can also custom-fabricate a specific rebar size for your application, if your project has unique requirements.

ASTM A1035 Reinforcing Bar

Available in grade 100 and grade 120, A1035 rebar conforms to the following specifications:

Grade 100 Grade 120
Minimum tensile strength 150,000 psi 150,000 psi
Yield strength (0.2% offset) 100,000 psi 120,000 psi
Minimum stress resistance 80,000 psi 90,000 psi
If you have any questions about A1035 Rebar, or if you’re wondering which rebar grade or size would be best for your intended application, please contact us. One of our rebar and steel mesh experts will be happy to help you select the ideal product for your project.

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