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#12 Rebar

Being fairly wide and heavy, #12 rebar lies in the high end of this spectrum, making it well suited to demanding, large-scale projects that require a significant degree of stability and support.
#12 reinforcement steel supports the structural integrity of concrete because it offers superior ductile dilution while complementing concrete’s natural thermal expansion coefficient. Often used in highway bridges, docks, parking structures and other large, concrete-based buildings requiring superior reinforcement, its metric equivalent or “soft size” is #40.

The physical characteristics of #12 rebar are as follows:
  • Weight per unit length: 6.424 pounds per foot
  • Nominal diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Nominal area: 1.76 square inches
  • Imperial Bar Size

    "Soft" Metric Size

    Weight per unit length (lb/ft)

    Mass per unit length (kg/m)

    Nominal Diameter (in)

    Nominal Diameter (mm)

    Nominal Area(in2)

    Nominal Area (mm2)









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