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Number 18 Rebar

Reinforcing bar or “rebar” is available in a complete range of standard sizes, with Number 18 rebar being one of the largest and strongest. Rebar works to provide additional stability to concrete structures by reducing the weight load the concrete must bear and enhancing its inherent tensile strength. Number 18 reinforcing bar is available in both black and epoxy-coated finishes, with black rebar being the least expensive option and best suited to conditions where it will not be exposed to moisture. For bridges and construction projects in marine environments, epoxy-coated rebar is recommended, as its special finish resists the corrosion caused by water and humidity.
Number 18 rebar is suited to applications including large buildings, parking structures, marine facilities, industrial facilities and bridges.

The physical characteristics of Number 18 rebar are as follows:
  • Weight per unit length: 13.6 pounds per foot (20.284 kilograms per meter)
  • Nominal diameter: 2.257 inches (57.33 millimeters)
  • Nominal area: 4 square inches (2581 square millimeters)
  • Metric or "soft size" equivalent: nuber 57 rebar
  • Rebar sizes chart

    Imperial Bar Size

    "Soft" Metric Size

    Weight per unit length (lb/ft)

    Mass per unit length (kg/m)

    Nominal Diameter (in)

    Nominal Diameter (mm)

    Nominal Area(in2)

    Nominal Area (mm2)









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