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Number 7 Rebar

Concrete reinforcement products provide vital structural support, enhancing safety and overall performance and durability. Number 7 rebar is a carbon-steel composite recommended for medium- to heavy-duty commercial construction applications. Because of its strength, Number 7 reinforcement bar is frequently used to reinforce multi-level parking structures, as well as bridges over roads and waterways. It can also be used for general purpose construction, including retaining walls, grade beams, caissons and pre-cast masonry products. Its metric equivalent is “22MM.”

The physical characteristics of Number 7 rebar are as follows:
  • Weight per unit length: 2.044 pounds per foot (3.049 kilograms per meter)
  • Nominal diameter: 0.875 inches (22.225 millimeters)
  • Nominal area: 0.6 square inches (387 square millimeters)
  • Rebar sizes chart

    Imperial Bar Size

    "Soft" Metric Size

    Weight per unit length (lb/ft)

    Mass per unit length (kg/m)

    Nominal Diameter (in)

    Nominal Diameter (mm)

    Nominal Area(in2)

    Nominal Area (mm2)









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